The 8ban Records That Never Were - Announced but Unreleased Titles

These two series were removed from later archives of the original web site, and to my knowledge were never produced once sell-through of the first five series failed to achieve sales goals.

Just like the blind box titles that were actually released, these were poised to be priced at 367 yen (~$3.25 USD) and were slated for “mid-May 2004” and “mid-June 2004” releases.

It’s a pity, as 8ban was ahead of its time, and in 2004 predated the resurgence of vinyl collecting by only a few years. Here’s hoping the rebirth of the 3” record format beginning with Record Store Day 2019 reinvigorates the format.

Onyanko Club Singles Memories Vol. 2

Titles in the list include more from Onyanko Club and its former members Eri Nitta, Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi, Yuki Fukunaga, Masako Takai, Ushiro Yubi Sasare, Kazuko Utsumi, and Yu Yu.

  • およしになってねTEACHER / おニャン子クラブ
  • 象さんのすきゃんてぃ / うしろゆびさされ組
  • お先に失礼 / おニャン子クラブ
  • 恋はくえすちょん / おニャン子クラブ
  • かしこ / うしろゆびさされ組
  • かたつむりサンバ / おニャン子クラブ
  • あなたを知りたい / うしろ髪ひかれ隊
  • 恋のロープをほどかにで / 新田恵利
  • 風のInvitation / 福永恵規
  • メロディ / 高井麻巳子
  • 技ありっ! / うしろゆびさされ組
  • 20歳 / 内海和子
  • -3℃ / ゆうゆ

Since only 13 titles were included on the products page, the other three titles were likely intended to be “secret” releases that would be a surprise when you opened the blind-box.


Asahi Sonorama Selection Part 2

Theme songs from more anime TV shows and movies, including Tomorrow Joe, Super Jetter, Judo Ichinao, Tiger Mask, Iron Man 28, Sally the Witch, Judo Boy, Kappa’s Sanpei Yokai Daisakusen, Ultra Seven, and Cyborg 009.

  • あしたのジョー
  • スーパージェッター
  • 柔道一直線
  • タイガーマスク
  • 鉄人28号
  • 魔法使いサリー
  • 紅三四郎
  • 河童の三平妖怪大作戦他
  • ウルトラセブン
  • サイボーグ009

As only 11 titles were included on the release page, the list is likely incomplete as we assume that Bandai / EightBanRecords would have released a series of 16 titles like the original five releases.


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