We Buy Three Inch Records

While we obviously love these little 3” records, it’s understandable that sometimes people will have tiny vinyl regrets, need some extra cash (to buy more new records) or just didn’t buy-into the single song vinyl lifestyle as we did.

Wanted to Buy

We may buy any of your records to sell on this site at a later date, but there are some records and entire series that we would like to acquire both for listening as well as using for reference for this site:

  • Softly! Records Sampler released in 2005
  • White Stripes 7-disc boxed set also released in 2005
  • Masaka Sakasama “Saka Sama” released in Japan for RSD2019 along with a [custom-branded Crosley RSD3 player)(/players/crosley-rsd3-trash-up)
  • 3776 3-disc set released in Japan for RSD2019, along with a [custom-branded Crosley RSD3 player)(/players/crosley-rsd3-3776)
  • Anything else NOT listed on this web site - storage for Bandai 8-ban records? Additional releases not listed here? We’ll buy ‘em!

Our White (Stripes) Whale

While our goal is to own and catalog every 3” 8-ban record release ever made, the White Stripes “The Denial Twist” 3” is only available as a gift from Jack White himself, which makes buying a copy (or happening to run into Jack White) extremely difficult. If you have a copy you’re willing to part with, contact us.

Alternately, if you’re with Third Man Records, or if you’re Jack White and reading this, we’d love a copy.

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