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About 3inch.es 3inch.es was created by Jough Dempsey, who enjoys writing in the third person, and launched on Record Store Day (13 April) 2019, because he loves his little three inch records so much he wanted to make a web site for them. About Me I’ve been a music lover all of my life, but I’ve also been a collector of music artifacts. My first love was vinyl records because that was the medium of choice when I was young. Read more »

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Three Inches, Three Guidelines Be nice (and neat). Don’t be a jerk. Post things that are on-topic and not attacking people personally. Don’t cross-post the same content everywhere. Be useful. Only post something that will contribute to the conversation. Be safe. Don’t post any private information. Don’t encourage others to post private information. If you see something, say something. Read more »

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Contact 3inch.es Have we gotten something wrong? Do you have further information about a 3” record player or record release? Have some news or juicy 8ban record gossip? Have records or players you’d like to buy or sell? Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you, or else leave a comment on the site. Name Email Message Submit Read more »