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Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8008

Softly! | SFTL-8008 | 1 October 2005

Bandai 8-ban Record Player - Softly! Records Edition

From the original product description page (now sadly only viewable by Archive.org, as the original site is no more), “Unlike the retro feeling that BANDAI has released, it is released with coloring and design for people who are fashionable now!” Specs All of the specs of the original Bandai 8-ban record player, plus: Softly! records yellow and blue colorway Model #: SFTL-8000 Price: 3,990 yen (tax included) Media Blog post about the record releases Read more »

Boku No Suki Na Kotoba by Pomeranians
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8003

Softly! | SFTL-8003 | 1 October 2005

Cheep Sweet by EeL
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8004

FilleUnique/Vroom | SFTL-8004 | 1 October 2005

Lookin' Through the Rainbow by Orangenoise Shortcut
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8001

Softly! | SFTL-8001 | 1 October 2005

Mahō Tsukai by Hazel Nuts Chocolate
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8005

Trolley Bus | SFTL-8005 | 1 October 2005

Melon Soda by Strawberry Machine
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8006

abcdefg* records | SFTL-8006 | 1 October 2005

Pan·da by Aprils
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8002

Softly! | SFTL-8002 | 1 October 2005

Summertime Location by Tetrapletrap
Softly! Records Sampler | SFTL-8007

cockpit crew | SFTL-8007 | 1 October 2005