Softly! Records Sampler

This series contains 8 records
Aside from an old listings page, a blog post, and a single Flickr photo, I haven’t been able to get a copy of these to inspect or add much data about. If you have a set that you’d like to sell or loan to me, please use the contact form.
Softly! Records Sampler
SFTL-8001 Orangenoise Shortcut Orangenoise Shortcut Lookin' Through the Rainbow
SFTL-8002 Aprils Aprils Pan·da
SFTL-8003 Pomeranians Pomeranians Boku No Suki Na Kotoba
SFTL-8004 EeL EeL Cheep Sweet
SFTL-8005 Hazel Nuts Chocolate Hazel Nuts Chocolate Mahō Tsukai
SFTL-8006 Strawberry Machine Strawberry Machine Melon Soda
SFTL-8007 Tetrapletrap Tetrapletrap Summertime Location
SFTL-8008 (Secret) (Secret) (Secret)