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The Future of the Format

Now that people have bought a novelty mini turntable conversation piece to play 3” records, what else could Crosley/Record Store Day/Toyokasei (or heck, any label) do to further the market aside from releasing more records to play on it (which seems like a no-brainer, now that there are thousands of these turntables in the wild)? We have some ideas. Two Sides to Every Story Make them double-sided. Adding a second Read more »

Three Inch Record Release Wishlist

After a spectacular re-debut of 3” records for Record Store Day all we know is that Record Store Day (the organization) has promised that there would be additional titles, and possibly additional non-limited Crosley turntables released to help increase demand for the medium. When the original 8-ban record series were released they came out in five themed series, including anime theme songs, songs from a popular children’s variety show, songs from pop groups from the 1980s, and a series of oldies from Western artists. Read more »